Tournament Participation
All the thrills of the medieval tournament

As well as staging demonstrations of archery, dancing and fighting, the Plantagenet Medieval Society provide opportunities for brave audiences to join in and try their hand at it!

For the younger crowd, the desire to emulate the knights can be overwhelming! Squire training allows them to test their mettle as they receive one-to-one instruction from knights in the use of the Sword, Axe, Mace and the Lance.

In addition to the archery demonstrations, we can provide a safe opportunity for audience members of all ages to try archery with personalised instruction using light bows and blunted arrows.

Any audience member who can count to eight (and many who can't) are encouraged to join the Ladies of the Court in some dances. With a few simple instructions, audiences can twirl and skip their way through medieval dances such as the Branles and Farandoles.

Why not finish you day asking all those questions that you have been thinking whilst watching us, at the end of the tournament you are welcome to come and talk to our members, all of whom are friendly and approachable. We are happy to talk to you about any and all elements of our shows.

Medieval Reenactment Participation
Medieval Reenactment Participation
Medieval Reenactment Participation
Medieval Reenactment Participation

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What our visitors say:

I am emailing to thank your society for the lovely day my family had at Caldicott Castle with your knights and ladies on Sunday. From the moment we arrived my children were completely captivated by the event. The friendliness and attention of the knights, ladies and the little squire my son played with made the day very special for them - they have not stopped talking about it!

We've just returned from a fabulous day out watching your group at Richmond castle. We had the best day out we'd had for a couple of years and I just wanted to say thank you.

Home from a 2nd day with the amazing Plantagenets, hope to see you all again next year, have a safe journey home.

Brilliant time at Richmond Castle, our little boys had a blast! Will definitely come again. We are English Heritage members so this entire amazing day cost nothing!

Thanks for a great show on Sunday at Caldicot. Really enjoyed all of it, but I was particularly impressed by the high standard of combat you achieved in very difficult circumstances. Storming stuff!

Saw the show today at Kenilworth Castle and thought it was fantastic. Amazing costumes, armour and weapons, something for all the family to enjoy. Thank you all for a great day.